Thursday, November 4, 2010

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P'Kolino Art Set

Mara from Let Kids Play continues to delight us with great things for our special kids! She'll be featuring one item a day through Sunday. Thanks, Mara!!!frazzledmomma

There is good news for children who have trouble holding a regular pencil, crayon, or marker. Not only are they continuing to make more products in triangular shape, there are fatter materials and materials in hexagons.  All of these make it easier to hold on, keep things from rolling away, and simpler to press down.

P'kolino makes easy to hold, simple to clean, longer lasting crayons and markers. You can purchase an art set (seen above) that includes unique shapes and jumbo sizes or you can purchase the materials individually.  The set is nicely priced at less than $20.  The art set includes:

  • 12 Colorful Markers

  • 12 Triangle Crayons

  • 16 Hexagon Colored Pencils

  • All of the materials are made in Europe by Jovi. The markers are made with low odor, non-toxic, food dye inks. Vivid long lasting colors easily glide to paper through durable depression resistant tips.

    The ergonomic triangular shape prevents crayons from rolling away. And! With no messy paper wrappers and superior durability you will love the way these premium crayons last. You can also purchase hexagon crayons.

    The Hexagon Colored Pencils have, smooth color transfer. Made of 100% color, child artists can use the whole pencil, plus with no wood they are super easy to sharpen yet surprisingly durable. Smooth to the touch the pencil will color paper but not hands.  You can also purchase triangular shaped pencils.

    Crayola is now making giant sidewalk chalk, triangle crayons and markers and, no drip paint brushes.  Melissa and Doug have easy to grip jumbo paint brushes while Alex makes finger crayons.With all of these new options, your child will be making masterpieces in no time.

    Don't forget the wonderful giveaway we are doing this week of a Melissa & Doug Easel thanks to Gummy Lump.  Read all about it.

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