Thursday, November 4, 2010

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What Norman Rockwell was REALLY painting


When Norman Rockwell painted this absolutely gorgeous scene of parents tucking in their monsters, he titled it "Freedom from fear". It was done as part of a series called "The Four Freedoms" for the Saturday Evening Post in 1943.

When I tuck MY monsters in at night,  it goes something like this: "Please. PLEASE sleep more than three hours. PLEASE! I'll eat all my veggies and clean my room and say my prayers if you'll JUST sleep through the night!" I don't think that's what he meant by "Freedom from Fear".

When Mr. Rockwell created this humorous little painting in 1921, as his third cover for the Saturday Evening Post, he titled it "No Swimming". Little did he know that the REAL title of this painting is "Avoid the Momma and Saturday night baths at all costs!!"


Ah yes. "Boy holding screaming baby" another jewel from 1921.  Sadly, the title is wrong again. The title of THIS one is really, "It's been two hours since the Momma said she'd only be at the store 10 minutes!"


Another in the series of Four Freedoms painted for the Saturday Evening Post in 1943, this one is titled "Freedom of Speech". Come on now... I know, just KNOW that you all know the REAL title. Anyone? Bueller...Beuller....? 

The real title should be, " IEP meeting with the school: why is this the 143rd time we've met about this?"

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