Monday, December 13, 2010

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Diary of a worn out woman

I'm sitting here this morning, in a very quiet house, trying to get past writers' block and find something amazing and profound to write about. It's just not working today. The Daddy has The Black Death version 2.0, and I got it late last night, as well. We're thinking the culprit is notorious #5, who stayed home from school all last week fevering and coughing. 

But the GOOD news in all of this is that once again we will ensure job security for the good people at Kimberly-Clark ( Kleenex),  Vicks (dayquil, NyQuil, humidifier vapor oil),  Tropicana (orange juice.. WITH pulp, please and thank you), Campbell's (double noodle chicken noodle soup),  Celestial Seasonings (lots and lots and LOTS of various herbal teas) and Breathe Right strips. There are nine people in this house. It is inevitable that everyone will get sick again as it cycles through.

And so, I shall keep it short and sweet, and borrow a page out of the book of GummyLump ( totally go visit their website it's one of my very most favorite places to go and browse a while), and ask you a "Question of the day". For as long as I am ill, there will be a question of the day, so that I will have something to write about the next day. You see how this works? Take pity on a sick woman, and play along. Thanks so much, in advance.

And now:  
The question of the day

What is your favorite Holiday smell? For me, it's Bayberry candles and the scent of Douglas Fir, and gingerbread in the oven. Not the kind you build houses with, but the kind that is cake, and piled high with real whipping cream.  All together, that smells like Christmas to me!


mckellipgirl said...

My favorite Holiday smell is baking. I'm not picky to what exactly is baking as long as it's full of sugar and all that is bad for you.

RacersMommy said...

When I was a kid my mom used to bake fresh baked cookies while me and my brother decorated the Christmas tree I always loved that smell.

And the smell of my grandma's house on Christmas Eve. Her food cooking, and the tree and my Aunts cookies baking.

Those are my favorite smells! wooden toys, pretend play, and play food for preschool! said...

I am flattered! My favorite holiday smell is fresh baked cookies! Yesterday it was fresh baked cupcakes. As I'm not a pro, I overfilled all the molds and the Christmas Trees looked more like balls! Luckily, my kids aren't yet critics of my work and slathered on the icing and enjoyed!

jillsmo said...

My favorite holiday smell is the fresh air that hits my nose when I finally get to leave my sister in law's house

Tam said...

Cinnamon. Although that's my favorite scent all year so I'm not sure it counts.

Big Daddy Autism said...

Ham. On my plate. On it's way to my mouth.

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