Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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The twelve days of bread are coming!

Okay, all you lucky people! The Twelve Days of Bread event at the Monster House is getting ever closer, and I have no, nada, zip, zilch, zero ( ok.. now my tongue feels all buzzy from the z's)suggestions, or recipes from the peanut gallery( that would mean, YOU.. the one in front of the monitor, reading all this). 

December 14 is the first day of That's exactly one week from yesterday. So. Here's what I need to know: 
  • Do you purchase gfcf breads/bread products from a store? What is your brand of choice?
  • Do you make your own gfcf breads/bread products at home? What's your favorite recipe?
  • Do you really, honest and for true, think that the bread products you buy/make taste good?
  • Do you use mixes purchased from a store? What brands do you prefer?
  • Be honest, now. How many of you have never tasted the gfcf breads because they look wrong?
OK. That's a good start. If everyone that reads this blog post comments, then I'll have plenty of suggestions to refer to. (hint, hint, hint)

Yesterday while I was napping, I dreamt that I came up with a decadent, heavenly, ooey gooey brownie made with hazelnut flour. I don't know why. But it sounds good, no? ;)

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