Monday, January 3, 2011

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I learned it from the snowflakes

A while ago I was outside. Ok, it was more like an hour or more ago and don't ask me why. I have a point here. While I was outside, it started snowing. Not a heavy snow, just a gentle snow, with a little lag time between flakes. So I'm out there and all these tiny little snowflakes are landing on me. It boggles the mind, I know. But then I started really looking at these snowflakes and they were GORGEOUS. They were the kind of snowflakes that inspired teachers hundreds of years ago to invent scissors and teach small children to run with them and... oh wait, wrong story. *ahem* pardon me. These were the kind of snowflakes that inspired the first cut paper flakes, whenever that might have been.
It is so cold out, the flakes never melted, even after landing on my coat. They just stayed there and posed for me while I took pictures with the crappy camera built into my phone. I marveled at the perfection of each miniscule little flake, the textures and the fragility of them.
I remembered someone telling me when I was just a child that no two snowflakes are EVER alike. They used it as an object lesson for teaching about individuality.. you know, even though no two snowflakes are EVER alike, it's still snow. And even though no two people are ever exactly the same, they are still people.  So then the natural progression of my thoughts went to Logan and other special needs kids.
I've had a problem for a couple of months now. I've blogged about it once already.I won't do it again. Well, not today, anyway. It really disturbs me that some people can so easily treat others with disgust and disdain. It further angers and annoys me that this happens to our children.. ANY of our children, but most especially our special needs children.

Like snowflakes, children are perfection in a tiny little package. Sometimes it's more than your bargained for, but you'd never give them up, no matter HOW many times you tweet otherwise! *ahem*
Isn't it amazing,  something as tiny and unassuming as a snowflake ... or a child... could be this intricate and complete? And isn't it even more amazing, that a tiny snowflake...or a child.... can make you sit down, shut up, and appreciate?


@jencull said...

The perfect post to soothe after the one you linked too, if only everyone could think like this! Jen

Patty O. said...

Such a great, great post! It's so true. I agree with jencull--I wish everyone could think like this. I especially wish every parent in the world would teach their kids to accept everyone and to appreciate differences and respect others. Oh, what a beautiful world that would be!

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