Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Everything you never knew about the Momma

Thanks to my pal Stuart, of the famed Autism From A Father's Point Of View, I have been tagged. Tagged to do something that is SO uncomfortable for me, I had to call Bubbe and have a little come apart before I could write. Also, I called Stuart a snot rag about eighty eleven times. Sorry, Stuart.

But I digress. Because I have been tagged, the deal is that I am now supposed to tell the world 7  things that they never knew about me. I begged twitter and Bubbe to come up with questions, because I have really been pretty  forthcoming here on the blog, and I couldn't think of a thing to tell y'all. Below, find the email Bubbe sent me.. which doesn't count towards the seven things, but made me laugh.I am copy/pasting directly from my inbox. All the accusations are true.

Here you go:
  1. Love for English, reading/writing.
  2. Although currently a SAHM/WAHM, prior to this, I worked in a heavy machinery/construction materials supply company and could boss around those macho-est men.
  3. I love to drive bulldozers.
  4. I am the champion ___ maker.  (Fill in the blank with a food or craft.  Not "baby".)
  5. I am one of 7 siblings and have 7 children.
  6. Something about your sister who died.
  7. I am tactile defensive.
Okay. And now, the questions from Twitter, with the authors named, so they get the answers they seek.

@squishterbear would like to know:
What is your favorite indulgence?
Ben and Jerry ice cream, books, and lavender roses.

@mckellipgirl wants to know:
Did you always want to have a big family or was it a decision you and your husband made after having a couple chitlins?
Neither, actually. I had four children with my first idiot ex, notorious #5 with my second ex, and the twinnies were a SHOCK for the Daddy and me, and we are not married. Wow. That looks really REALLY bad in print. Moving on...ewwww. Chitlins. ;)

@lovelylicious is a curious woman. She has TWO questions.
 1.what is one thing you hope to do in this new year? Not a resolution but a goal or wish
The Momma wants to go to BlogHer more than is probably healthy. But there's a reason why. I need to boost my stats, and learn how to make the blog work for me, so I can start paying for Logan's therapy. Yes, I could probably take a college course, but I have no idea what classes to take, and I think I would learn more in two days of BlogHer than I would in two semesters of school. And when the Daddy told me we can't afford it... I cried. For hours. Not because I'm not getting what I want, but because I really and truly don't know what else to do to raise the money for Logan's therapy. And he needs it badly.
2.what's the best thing about having a big family?
The kids always have someone to play with, even if they are mad at one of the sibs. And.. the house is never quiet or lonely. Frankly, I only ever been a part of a big family. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have kids, or lived alone. 

@jamcadventures wants to know:
What do you do to get time for yourself?
 I read a LOT.. because I can get lost in a good book. Other than that, I blog. I know. How nerdy and lame am I...

@Special_Happens wants to know:
 If you didn't have to watch any food you ate, what would you eat? 
Hi Gina! Everyone say hi to my brilliant blog artist! OK . I would eat pasta. And Dessert. And Mexican food. I have a sweet tooth that is ridiculous, and I am a foodie at heart. But I squash those tendencies because of my Logan.. and because I need to lose 90 pounds. Yes, really.

And the last is my own. Here we go. I do not take compliments well. I will laugh them off, turn them into a joke, change the subject, or ignore them. Because I never believe the compliment, whether it's someone telling me dinner was good, I' m a good mom, or that I'm a good writer. Why? Because I don't ever think I am worthy of the compliment given. It's not that I think whoever complimented me is lying. I always think I could have done whatever it is, better.  I just don't ever feel worthy of them. In fact, when I guest write for other blogs ( this is a DEEP dark secret), I can't even write a bio about myself. I either tell the Blogger they can write whatever they like, or I have Bubbe do it. Yet another lame factoid.

And NOW.. the part I have been waiting for! My seven people to tag. Muwahahahaha. I'm addicted to these people. It's terrible and wonderful all at the same time!

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@MomInManagement, who blogs at, ALSO coincidentally,
@birdakamaude, who blogs at,
@OneBoredMommy, who blogs and has AMAZING giveaways at,
@FroggyPrinceMom, who does her thing over at,
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and a couple new tweeps that I'm liking more by the day,
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Daria @ Mom in Management said...

Thanks Caryn - how can I ever repay you? :)

Tactile defensive, lol, would that be you stay in your personal bubble and I'll stay in mine?

Sorry that your sister died...and wow, twins after 5 kids? Yep, that would be a shocker!

I hope you can come to BlogHer too!! Would be loads of fun.

Bubbe said...

For the record, Bubbe did NOT come up with her list; the extraordinarily Frazzledmomma did, but she didn't notice. So Bubbe just bullet-pointed key points. And had Bubbe known that this was going directly into a post, she would've consistently written in complete sentences. Maybe used the 2nd person voice. Okay. The record's clear, now.

Gina @ Special Happens said...

Never would've guessed some of these....well....except for the Blogher thing. Cuz, you know...

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