Sunday, January 16, 2011

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For Deeds

I have an overactive mothering gene. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other times, not so much. I have already told you how I cannot watch stories on the news about child abuse, or mothers who kill their children, etc. because I want to gather up all the "hurted" monsters and take them home with me.

Tonight (it's 1230, Monday morning here) I was on twitter, loving the fact that the Daddy and all the monsters are sleeping, giving me time to myself to play on twitter and catch up on email. While I was there, this appeared in my feed. And my mommy heart plummeted, wanting to grab Deeds and his Momma, and make everything all better.

@dog4deeds  Just turned into the worst bday ever. Deeds is in the ER with burns all over after pulling a pot of boiling water and macaroni on his head. Sun 16 Jan 23:50

@dog4deeds He is now at the University burn center after a transfer by ambulance and is now doing well after a lot of morphine.Sun 16 Jan 23:52

@dog4deeds  15% of him burned but only his face has 2nd degree burns. The rest is only 1st. He is VERY lucky. His eyes and respiratory system are good Mon 17 Jan 00:10

@dog4deeds The ER gave Deeds a sock mouse to match his sock monkey. So sweet.   Mon 17 Jan 00:12

Puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Makes my BlogHer dream seem petty and selfish and inappropriate, doesn't it? So I'm going to remedy that problem.

Yesterday (Sunday) was Deeds' third birthday. His amazing momma has been blogging and trying to raise money for an Autism Service Dog for him. You can read about all that HERE.  But now, his momma needs to be a momma. And THIS Momma is going to blog instead. Today, and every Monday, until Deeds recovers AND has his dog, will be Deeds Day.

Let's DO this, y'all! We CAN make this work. I know times are hard. Oh, believe me, I REALLY know times are hard. But even *I* have change in my purse. So, every Monday, I will donate all the change in my purse to Deeds' dog fund. It may only be a few cents. But... we just hit ten thousand views here on Living with Logan. I have over 400 followers on twitter. I have 56 followers here. I have 88 followers on facebook. I have 6 ( i know, I know.. but  I just started this one) followers on Networked blogs. Think about it. If every follower I just mentioned ( that's 550 people, y'all!) donated 50 cents a week, that would be $275 /week!

Can you do it? Can you donate 50 cents? What if you saved all your change each week and donated that amount each Monday? Would it really hurt your budget so drastically?

I never beg for money here. Not really. But this one time I am. I'm begging. PLEASE help Deeds get his dog. Please. It's enough that he has autism. Now he has burns to recover from. He well and truly deserves our help and support. Frankly, so does his Momma.

Can't donate? I understand. I really, REALLY understand. Do you blog? Can you donate one blog post to Deeds? Mondays are Deeds Days. What will YOU do? If you choose to blog for Deeds, please leave your link in the comment section here, so we can promote your post, and we'll send the links to Deeds and his Momma too!!


Amy @ mommetime said...

I will do what I can to help! I will try and put something on my blog tonight (super crazy busy). I am on my way to tweet about it. I will also put something on face book. I don't know how to make a button; it looks like you do (living with Logan button). What about creating a button to place on our blogs? Amy @

jillsmo said...

I will pass this on as far as I possibly can!!

TMWHickman said...

Could you perhaps create a button or a badge that would directly link to the story/donation site? I would like to just keep something on my page that people can click no matter what day of the week, and I am possibly the least technologically astute person on the planet.

Jill said...

SO SAD!!! I will add it to my blog later today ... and add them to my prayers ... and donate some money immediately.

LindsayDianne said...

what a great cause. thanks so much for doing this. I'm sharing this on my facebook right now as well. :)

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