Sunday, March 13, 2011

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A Burmashavian Tweetset #forDeeds!

Happy Deeds Days, addicts! This week we have a brand new contest and giveaway to get your creative juices flowing! I know I spent all of last week promoting March Madness for Deeds. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, though the contest will run all week. For Deeds' story, fund raising progress, to make a donation, or to contact his parents, please click here. To read about 4 Paws For Ability, the foundation through which Deeds is receiving his dog, click here. To learn about Deeds Days for bloggers, please click here.
So what's the contest? I thought you'd never ask! Let me tell you a little story. In 1925, there was a company named Burma-Vite which introduced a product called Burma-Shave.

Demand for this product was not real wonderful, so the company came up with the Burma-Shave advertising sign campaign. The result, as you may know, was phenomenal! Sales took off, and at it's peak, Burma-Shave was the second highest selling brushless shaving cream in the United States.

Here's how it worked: from 1925-1963, Burma-Shave signs appeared in every state except New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Six consecutive small signs would be placed along highways, spaced so passing motorists could read them in sequence. The last sign was always the name of the product. This photo is an unusual set of only 5 signs, but you'll get the idea.
Burma Shave Pictures, Images and Photos
The signs would rhyme, and after placing a few sets of these advertisements, orders started coming in for second shipments of the shaving cream. The signs became more and more successful as an advertising approach, resulting in the production of more humorous verses, like this one:

After a while it became difficult for the company to come up with original verses. They decided to have an annual contest where people could submit entries, and get $100 for each verse used. The company received more than 50,000 entries one year and hired advertising copywriters to help them with the selection process from then on.  Why was this so successful? The company was careful to use verses that would offend no one, and was even known to show humility in their advertising:

I know you're probably thinking, "Get to the point, lady! What does Burma-Shave have to do with Deeds?!" Well, that IS the point. We're going to use this same approach to advertise for Deeds! Bubbe has dubbed this advertising "Burmashavian Tweetsets".

Here are the guidelines for contest entries, anyone may enter~ this contest is not limited to US Residents:
  • You may only use 5 lines for your verse. Each line may have no more than four words, and the 3rd and 5th  lines of the verse must rhyme. The 6th line must always be All Burmashavian Tweetsets should be submitted in the comment section below, with contact info for the author.
  • Absolutely, positively NO QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. This is for Deeds. He's a child. Let's keep everything child friendly. And, of course, no cursing. I only ask that you don't sound like Dr. Seuss. I'd consider it a personal favor.
  • Be creative! You can go through old blog posts on Deeds' website for ideas. Bobbie and Jeremy Mauss have told me they want to LAUGH when they read these entries! Need more help? Look herehere , and here to read all about  Burma-Shave, their company, their verses, and see pictures. I'm helping you cheat, here, people. You should love me.
  • All entries will be tweeted, Burma-Shave style throughout the week during the contest. You won't know when, you won't know how many times, and we won't tell who the author is until we tweet the winning verse.
  • Contest ENDS Monday, March 21 at MIDNIGHT, mountain standard time.  The winner will be announced no later than Wednesday, March 23 and will be posted here, on twitter, and our facebook page.
  • The winner will be chosen by Jeremy and Bobbie Mauss. Let's face it people, if anyone needs to laugh until they cry, Deeds' parents do. Consider it your contribution to therapy for them.
"Well, yeah, but what's in it for US?!" Oh. Did I neglect to mention the prize? Wow. That was rude of me. The prize for the winning Burmashavian Tweetset (patent pending, by Logan's Bubbe).. wait... wait... I know I have a prize here somewhere... I DO have a prize here somewhere, don't I? Oh, heck. Bubbe! Did you eat the prizes again? These people are going to start getting ugly... oh! Found it!!

Here to tell you all about the grand prize for the most creative, most humorous Burmashavian Tweetset for Deeds  is AutismSupermom , who can also be found on twitter @AutismSupermom:

"Does your blog need a facelift? AutismSupermom is offering her design services. The winner of the wittiest Burmashavian Tweetset will receive a remodel of their currently owned site. Supermom is unfortunately NOT a Super Web Host.  I know, I know. But seriously, a whole new look including personal buttons, photo touch ups, new background. The Works! So put on your creative thinking caps (we know you already wear many caps, what's one more?)"

**update** sorry folks, for not clarifying this, but yes, you MAY enter as many times as you wish.

Many thanks to the following sources of Burma-Shave info and photos