Friday, April 1, 2011

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Blue Light Special

There. Now don't you feel more aware and educated about autism? What? What's that you say? The color blue does not automatically educate and enlighten you about autism? Autism will still exist on the 3rd day of August? Amazing. Guess what? Logan will still be my son on the 3rd of August, and he will still have autism, so I'm thinking we're good to go.

There is more than one parent of an autistic child in Bloggy Land that has not embraced the thought of blue clothing, light bulbs, twibbons, and other profile changes for this month.  I understand why, completely. It's not just about April for us. I've contributed a piece to an Autism Series this month, and I am all about awareness and education. But I think that should happen ALL. THE. TIME... not just in April. And people? Being aware is not enough.

We beg, plead, cry, fight, travel, research, and pray for our children so they will have every opportunity to receive the therapies and accommodations they need so desperately. We pay and pay and PAY, and borrow, and go into debt, because these are our children, and even if the money runs out, they still need these crucial therapies and accommodations. 

We go without sleep. We prepare for IEP meetings, early intervention meetings, medical specialist consultations, and team meetings. We are advocating for our children 365 days a year.  Don't get me wrong, it's a nice idea. But I don't need to wear blue to be aware this month, or any other month, of autism. 

And, one more thing. I'm old. Remember Kmart back in the day, with the Slurpees and the popcorn and the flashing blue light specials? Yeah. My child will NEVER be a blue light special.  I appreciate what Autism Speaks is trying to accomplish. I truly, TRULY do. But the Monster House doesn't need to use a color to become aware and educated. We just need to love Logan.


Karen V. said...

Sassy, smart, wickedly funny! But yes, I too have given in to the powers and posted about lighting up blue. I feel like it's not for us or those who regularly listen to us - it's about the rest. And if they need that blue light special to be drug into find the slurpees and popcorn - they'll walk away with a little stuck to their minds and maybe their own light bulbs will go on the next time they see one of our kids! <3 to you!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like a moth I succumbed to the hypnotic blue glow of the light bulb campaign. Actually, as I was putting one in my front light outside last night, my neighbor kindly said I should have come over and asked for a bulb - he had plenty - I didn't have to use one of them holiday bulbs....great. Welcome to my world. Welcome to OUR world! Give that man an autism T-shirt! I agree with what Karen V. said though - maybe, after telling him that my son is autistic, maybe he'll feel a bit more willing to ask me a question or two about it. Or maybe I'll end up with a box of regular ol' light bulbs on my doorstep!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Yup. Nice thought, but my boy will still be Autistic on 4/3 and 5/1 and .....

Anonymous said...

I would have never thought of lighting up blue that way, your 100% right my son will still autistic 4/3 5/1...... and our blue light didn't do anything. Our son was just diag. this past year and I too was part of the millions who didn't understand or even know about the spectrum but now I am starting to understand and learn more as the days pass and only wish I could do more to help others understand because I really hate when I'm told my son just needs more discipline and hes spoiled.

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