Monday, May 30, 2011

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And then there were four.

On Wednesday of this week, I will experience monster loss. My eldest three monsters will be leaving for six weeks of summer visitation with their father out of state~  #4 has adamantly stated she will be staying home again this summer.

My grieving process starts early, and I am already feeling weepy and a bit lost... knowing that in just a few short days I will be minus nearly half of my monster babies. I will procrastinate in preparations, saving the packing until late Tuesday night... trying unsuccessfully to prolong the inevitable.

Realistically, I know I should be jumping up and down, doing a dance, and scheduling a girls' night out. After all.. it's always five o'clock SOMEWHERE, right?

But... I find myself leaning more towards THIS, than anything else.
I'm not even going to apologize. Yes, I AM that mean. Yes, I DO think that scene is hilarious. I just need to rework it so it's the bio-father getting pegged. No, I do not have any shame. It's good therapy.

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