Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Are Blog Sponsors An Urban Legend?

Those of you that have been here since the beginning know that in my bloggy past, there are a couple of shameless begging posts (whaddaya mean, where?! Oh, fine. Begging part one and begging part two) in my history. Today, we are having Confession: the Monster House Version.

I am jealous of bloggers that get sponsored for things like BlogHer. I like to think that I have just as much capability to represent a brand as anyone else. And, let's face it... I have a big mouth... er, keyboard. I know that I am just as smart as the average bear, and I know that I am professional enough to carry it off with dignity and grace. I have references from people I have worked with through this blog, twitter, and facebook . I have stats for page views, and unique visits. So, what's the problem? Well. I'm too young (How often will I get to say THAT?!?). The Monster House has not been here long ( we'll have our first bloggy birthday in September), I don't have a big enough following, and my facebook stats are not stellar. My klout score has dropped four points, and I have not been blogging 6 days a week for a while now. I know. I'm horrible.

However, I've chatted it up with some blogging friends that I have enormous respect for, who are NOT young, who DO have the stats and the following, and they are having trouble being sponsored as well. I've read the articles. I am doing the research. In fact, in one article I read not so long ago, companies say they feel pressured by bloggers doing a hard sell for sponsorship. Okay. I can see that. Lots of bloggers, lots of brands, not so many slots at a blogging conference... makes sense. I've sent my share of letters.

So. How do y'all get it done? Bubbe, my wonderful, darling, awesome Bubbe purchased a ticket to BlogHer'11 for me. Ever the optimist months ago when she bought it, she told me she knew that it would all work out. It hasn't. People? I've begun entering every facebook BlogHer ticket/travel/lodging giveaway I hear about.  I'm seriously considering attending twitter parties that advertise Visa gift cards as prizes, hoping to win enough of them to cover expenses. I know. I'm pathetic.

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to sell that ticket. And I REALLY don't wanna. What can I do? What should I change? How can I show that I am willing and able for sponsorship? I eagerly await your replies~ because really.. I'm out of brilliant ideas.

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