Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Farmer for a day...or two

I've been a little absent from bloggyland this week, and I've missed it!

This week, #4 has been babysitting a farm for some friends that are out of state for a few days. This means we drive outside of our little town about 7 miles one way, twice a day, every day.

 I have been amazed with her capability and willingness to do farm chores without complaint. Understand, this little girl was raised by a Momma who has a deep appreciation for central air, pre-packaged meat, and clean shoes. I was so surprised and pleased that #4 had no qualms going right into a chicken coop carpeted with.. well... chicken mess, a turkey coop carpeted with.. turkey mess, etc. And she does it every day, twice a day. I did help, though. I watered the vegetable garden each day. What?! That's helping.....kinda...

While I was waiting for her to finish her farm chores at the crack of dawn yesterday morning (and really.. who decided that farm chores had to be done at the crack of dawn?!?), I sat and marveled at the view. Check THIS out. Not a shabby place to enjoy your morning coffee, huh?

And, because I like to "brag on the babies", here's some pics of my little farmerlette. She's proud of herself, and so am I!




She's also working three hours a day, 5 days a week, at the berry farm here in town, weeding and picking and getting all kinds of tanned. I'm SO proud of my #4. She begged and begged to have jobs this summer, and has really been showing me how responsible she is. I had my doubts.. after all.. she's only 11. I couldn't be more impressed with her if I tried. She's really earning that nap she takes every afternoon.

Okay. Shameless bragging finished... for now. But you know... this will probably happen again (wink)!

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