Monday, June 13, 2011

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Monster Munchies!

During the summer, life gets nutty. I mean, it's just crazy busy! There's trips to the park, the library, taking #4 to work, the regular errands~ grocery shopping, getting the mail, going to Grandma and Grandad's to get their garden in. Inevitably, we will be in the car, not headed to a grocery store, when one monster or another will insist that starvation is a real possibility.

Now. We all know that Logan is allergic to everything even remotely fun. This means there are no trips to McDonald's ( which is good, because this tiny town doesn't have one), and convenience foods from the grocery store are VERY few and far between. So, I decided to take action. Check out my brilliance!
What you see, my dear addicts, is a truly yummy GFCFSFEFCF trail mix.  Seriously. Everything in it is Logan safe,which is a miracle in and of itself. You can do this, too. It is SO dang easy. I bought a package of each item on the following list, stirred it up, and voila! All done.
Dehydrated apricots
Banana chips
Craisins (I bought ocean spray, they are moister)
Salted cashews
Roasted. salted sunflower seeds
1/2 box rice Chex

People? Even the DADDY has been eating this stuff, and the man refuses to touch ANYTHING healthy.  You can adapt your child's own likes and dietary needs into your own trail mixes.  The thing about this is, it's portable, virtually no mess, because it's not wet or sticky or greasy, and if it spills in the car? The vacuum or a quick brush with a whisk broom makes it all better! And also? You can feed this to monsters by the handful at the pediatrician's office and no one will look at you like you're poisoning your child (a personal pet peeve of mine)!

The possibilities are endless. How sad is it that I'm all kinds of thrilled that I made... trail mix?I need to get out more..... anyway... try your own GFCF variations, take pics, then send the pic and recipe to me, and I'll share them on our recipe page! 

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