Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Sacred Family Saturday!

There is something seriously wrong with someone who voluntarily gets up at 7am on a Saturday. Oh, wait. *I* am voluntarily getting up at 7am on a Saturday. Fun things happening at the Monster House! The tiller is coming to get the garden all pretty and happy and plantable. This means I need to empty the scary, mossy kiddy pool and move it, and the Daddy will be moving the trailer full of weeds and other landscaping rubbish so the tractor can get through the driveway to the back yard. Oodles of fun, no?

Gotta love living in a farming community. The twinnies are stoked: "The TWACTOR is coming, Mumma!"  "When we wake up from a nap the twactor is coming, Mumma?"  "Tell Gwandad to wake up the twactor, Mumma!"
If all the stars are in alignment, I will have a plowed, planted, and watered garden by nightfall. Pray for me, people~ if for no other reason than to wish me minimal pain from the inevitable sun burn.

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