Friday, June 3, 2011

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A very special guest!

Y'all. Today, I have the honor of a guest here at the Monster House. Gina St. Aubin from Special Happens is here today. I just love love LOVE the way she writes. And also? Give the woman a round of applause. She's the reason my blog is looking SO fantastic!

Flipping through channels, we landed on this one. Rather than listening to another mind piercing commercial, I decided to take a chance, weigh it out. I looked back. In the rear view mirror, what I saw matched what I was beginning to feel. The fun, the freedom, the happiness emerging as a wave of an electrically charged, yet serene ocean gliding into shore, enticing me to jump in. I was excited that the music long since missing from my ears was being welcomed.

Since J was born, I’ve made the very conscious effort not to play some of the music that I have loved. Being musically eclectic, I like heavy metal, alternative, 80’s, Motown, country and everything in between. The heavy metal and alternative I’ve stayed away from, very purposefully.

When you have an emotionally driven child, an emotionally influenced child, one who has a hard time controlling his tend to stay far, far away from this. But on this day, the day of a happenstance of landing on any station billowing music to accompany our ride, when I looked in my rear view mirror, I realized I didn’t need to stay far away any longer.

My son, my special needs boy, my J, was rocking to and fro with purpose, smiling, letting the music fill his soul, “banging his head” to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. He was truly happy, feeling the music fill his soul and moving it to the beat. Hearing the rhythm of notes, not classifying it as one genre or just moves and he went with it, he was familiar already.

Why? He watches YouTube Videos of his choosing which include tractor pulls, mud bogging, trains, funny car races, flight machines and the like. As if the stimulation of seeing these magical machines fly across a computer screen isn’t enough, many put the videos to this music, even this song in particular...and he has become an unwitting fan.

So on this day like others preceding it, chasing down this train or that, speeding along the same lines to see if we can make a lucky find of an engine, I made an unlikely yet welcomed discovery. My little head banging, cerebral palsy, epileptic, boy with also….a head banger.

I’m so proud. I have a tear in my eye. *sniff, sniff*

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