Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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I have to admit my extreme embarrassment at reaching the BlogHer goal for The Momma Project and then disappearing.  That was never my intention. We have had a wild few days with ineffective melatonin, meltdowns, single parenting,  sick gut issues with Logan, and other things,  and I just haven't had a chance to be online much at all.

The Momma Project is still running until the 27th of July. Any funds over one thousand dollars will be donated to HollyRod and 4 Paws. For more information, please click on The Momma Project page at the top of the blog.

And now, the EXCITING NEWS! Remember all the sad cartoons about monsters 1-3 leaving for the summer? Guess WHAT?! They will be home Wednesday... as in.. TOMORROW!!

I can't believe how the summer has flown. I'll be scheduling lots of appointments for specialists, check ups at the pediatrician (something EVERY mother and child looks forward to, right?),

the annual dental cleanings,  getting prescriptions for glasses updated and filled, all that fun stuff everyone does before school starts.

 Has the summer flown for anyone else? Seems like it just started, and yet.. there are blossoms on the veggie plants in the garden, the 4th of July has come and gone, and BlogHer is only.... 3 weeks away?! Wow. This means Bubbe will be at the Monster House, live and in person, in only 3 weeks? Oh, crap. I'll start cleaning now.......

Video in this post by YouTube;  Saturday Evening Post cover  by Curtis Publishing

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