Monday, July 4, 2011

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Bubbe's in the house!

Today we have the honor of a letter from Bubbe, on this Independence Day. Give her a warm welcome back, Monster House style, addicts. I expect nothing less from all my incredible followers.

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Today is Independence Day. The day we celebrate our freedom.

Independence and freedom comes in all shapes and sizes. Certainly, there's the freedom that we embraced when we broke free of England's rule in 1776 (and became a coffee-drinking nation). But in today's world, where we're so removed from that experience, we can -- and should -- celebrate our many freedoms, our personal independence, and help others who are oppressed -- by choice, circumstances, or ignorance -- achieve independence.

What is Bubbe talking about? Well, for example…
Financial freedom -- for someone who is unemployed and struggling to put food on the table, a new job is their freedom. You can help someone by putting in a good word for him, sitting with her while she looks through careerbuilders, or helping him interview confidently by role-playing with him.

Independence from oppressors -- if someone you know is in a relationship that is abusive (physically, mentally, or otherwise) but afraid to take the risk to leave, today is a perfect day to reach out to her and tell her you will be there to help whenever she needs.

The freedom of good health -- perhaps you've been putting off a diet because it seems daunting, but you know that you'll feel better, your joints won't ache, you won't be so tired, et cetera, if you eat healthier. Take the plunge and find a diet that you can stick to.

Independence Day is a perfect time to help yourself and help those around you achieve freedom.

Which brings me to… the Momma Project. The Momma, as you know, would like to go to BlogHer. She has a ticket. She has a babysitter (Bubbe's gonna do her bubbe-thing). She doesn't have airfare or a hotel. She needs help from people who care about her, who benefit from her words of wisdom delivered with a dose of humor and some bags under her eyes.

The Momma needs BlogHer because for her, BlogHer represents freedom. Independence. If she is able to create a profitable business of her blog while retaining the unique voice that is so entertaining yet educational, everyone wins. She will be able to ensure Logan gets what he needs to become independent, to be free of the need for life-long supports. You, her loyal readers, will have helped her develop a blog that can help you more than it already does.

Equally important (or maybe more so), because Logan is home-bound due to his unexplained seizures and other medical issues, The Momma is home-bound. And she needs freedom from being The Momma for a couple days. She needs to be The Blogger, The Funny Girl, The Sponge, The Carefree Adult, The Student for a couple days. She needs to find her independence. So she can return to being The Momma, energized, filled with new information to share with you, her followers, and better than ever.

So this Independence Day, help The Momma, help yourself, help your friends and family achieve independence, find freedom.

Happy Independence Day, Bubbelehs!

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