Monday, July 25, 2011

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Not my turn

Today, I was tap tap tapping away on my keyboard, getting ready to post some light entertainment for y'all. But then, Gina's post came through and I stopped to read it. Following that, I deleted everything I had written, and you get this, instead. She told me she was writing last night, with me in mind. You see... I kinda had a little meltdown with her last week, late one night. And I cried. And I wondered why. And I asked all the questions, between sobs, that every special needs parent asks over and over again. it went on for an hour, buzzing through the phone lines. And this is what she wrote. Please go over, give her some love, and tell her how meaningful it was for YOU.

Gina my friend.. You have overwhelmed me once again. Sending LOTS of love and appreciation your way.

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