Thursday, August 11, 2011

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It Happens In Threes... I Hope.

What is it about the last week of summer that makes everything decide to fall apart? Goodness. #3's crown came completely off after eating frozen cinnamon gummy bears ( I know, I know. I don't wanna even go into the conversation we had about that.), the garbage disposal fell out of the sink AND when taken apart, we discovered there was a handful of hardware in it. This would be a good explanation for why the thing stopped moving completely before it fell out (how does that happen?), and the dishwasher has decided not to drain properly, causing all manner of nastiness to spew up onto the dishes.

This is putting a serious dent in our back to school budget, and you know... those dang monsters just keep growing and wearing out shoe leather!

Today's excursion to town will include an emergency dental visit to replace the crown (I can hear the checkbook whimpering already),
new pipe for under the sink (because you know, a garbage disposal cannot fall out without breaking a pipe or three),

and some sort of miracle dishwasher cleaner our plumber recommended that will apparently clean out the nastiness in the dishwasher and take care of the crap in the drain.

We will not, however, be buying shoes, clothes, or school supplies. That will have to wait until the first week of school. So here's my question of the day. Have any of y'all ever had to put off all the back to school expenses for a week or so?  And if so.. how many years did it take your senior in high school to forgive you for not making sure she had a rockin' awesome back to school outfit for the first day?
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