Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Life Is A Special Occasion!

Happy Thursday, everyone! You know how sometimes silly little things happen, like the kids actually didn't spill syrup on the cat or spill a gallon of orange juice at breakfast this morning, and inside your head you're doing a little dance? Well, y'all, THAT is a special occasion! Let us not forget other awesome things like, Junior did well with a social story, Daddy's little girl did NOT lift up her dress in church this week, and all the first smiles, birthdays, anniversaries, and science project wins. We all know, special occasions are worth celebrating.. no matter WHAT makes them special!

Perhaps, as special needs parents, siblings, caregivers, and teachers, we have learned to celebrate a wee bit more, because we know how very important the little victories are. 

 I had the unbelievable opportunity to speak with representatives from Hallmark Cards earlier this month at BlogHer and take part in their "Life Is A Special Occasion" booth. I was able to fill in a "_______ Is A Special Occasion" t-shirt, and have my picture taken. They transferred all the pictures of bloggers who participated into a mosaic on Hallmark's VisibleMash. It WILL make you cry. Grab the tissue. But, we already knew that with Hallmark, tissue is a requirement.

When you visit the link above, you can click through and see every one's special occasions through pictures and video. Here's mine

Ready for the AWESOME part? YOU can be part of the mosaic! Just click the "Add Yourself" button on the lower left side of the mosaic. There will be a very quick moderation, and then your submission will appear.

Now, if you've been at the Monster House very long at all, you know my favorite phrase on Thursdays is "But WAIT, there's MORE!" And there is! We're pleased and honored to be hosting a Hallmark "_______ Is A Special Occasion" giveaway! Hallmark cards is offering one "________ Is A Special Occasion" t-shirt and some cards to one winner!

But first, the boring, important stuff:
Logo and "LIASO" are copyrighted property of Hallmark, and are used here with permission

I was not compensated in any way for this review/giveaway. All opinions are my own.

And now.... let the entering begin!

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