Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Why Every First Aid Kit Needs Highlighters & A Camera

This past Friday, #6 decided we can't let Logan have ALL the fun. So, he climbed up on the counter, opened up the baking cupboard and took out a brand new bottle of cinnamon. Then he proceeded to decorate the kitchen with the fragrant brown powder. I mean, really, white floors are SO boring. They are much more interesting when covered with slightly oily ground cinnamon. Also, cinnamon makes GREAT foot prints. And you can finger paint in it, and stuff!

A short time later, in the bath, he started getting welts on his chest and belly. And they were pretty scary looking. Luckily, Logan has trained us well, and I ran for the benadryl. 20 minutes after his first dose, the welts were just getting uglier and redder. Cue dose #2, and the Momma shrieking to #4 to grab her camera and a highlighter out of the box of school supplies (thank you 3M! It was lovely seeing you at BlogHer!).

The monsters were shocked when I started outlining his welts in day glo pink and taking pictures, after also writing the time and what caused the reaction on his belly in black ballpoint. They thought dear old Momma had flipped her lid and called the Daddy to tattle on me tell him so. Imagine their surprise when he told them the Momma was smart!

Luckily, within 20 minutes of the second dose, the welts started to calm down, and #6 took a long winters' nap.. I mean,uh... #6 passed out fell asleep on the family room floor for nap time a little earlier than usual.

The moral of this story? Document, document, DOCUMENT!! Let us not forget the time Logan had such a severe reaction that he went lethargic, and the paramedic who transported him to the ER told the intake nurse that his lethargy was due to a benadryl overdose. Luckily, that nurse had an IQ, and eyes that work, because Logan was wheezing, covered head to toe in rash, and his face was completely swollen, clearly indicating an extreme allergic reaction. She asked the paramedic if he was usually this stupid. (Thank you awesome nurse with the IQ points and eyes that work) This nurse must have gone to one of the best nursing schools. You know, one that teaches you to use your eyes and brain to help treat, rather than blaming everything on a benadryl overdose.

Need more stories? Oh, have I EVER got them! We also use highlighter to document suspicious looking bug bites. We're out in the sticks here, and bugs like our house. #3 has a spider bite on his thigh. Nothing horrid, but it's a bit red, radiating just a little. And we're watching it. Yes, we used highlighter and the camera for him, too.

 Let's face it. Everyone one has heard the stories about the fish that got away. And everyone knows, with each telling that darn fish grows at least a foot. With medical things, you don't want to remember important details inaccurately. Your camera/phone will be your best friend for showing a doctor progression of infection, welts, bites, swelling, etc. Taking it a step further by outlining  and documenting time/date/cause will make your doctor's job that much easier.

And that, dear addicts, concludes today's Public Service Announcement. Now go and toss a couple highlighters in your medicine cabinet and/or first aid kit.
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