Saturday, August 13, 2011

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So now what?

Y'all... I have a dilemma that I hope you can help me with. School starts back for us on Thursday next week. Pre-K starts the week after that. I had thought we had things taken care of for the twinnie monsterlettes to attend, had met with the Speech therapist for the district, had ongoing conversations with the Special Ed teacher for the elementary school, everyone knew "Logan is coming, Logan is coming!". All we were missing was Paul Revere.
However, now we have a little tiff going on. The school district insists that Logan is missing some immunizations. The pediatrician's office, as well as the paperwork I got from them, insists otherwise. And now? Now we have exclusionary status for both of the twinnie monsterlettes for preschool. 
I have a problem with this. I am NOT going to go and get duplicate hep A and pneumococcal shots for them. While I am not anti-vaccine, I draw the line at duplicates. What can I do? I have already talked to the district until I am blue in the face. The doctor's office, his assistant, and yes, even the doctor himself has contacted the  school district. It's like the people answering the phone are practicing for a starring role in an ear plug commercial...

When I was telling one of my friends about this whole mess, she suggested something I hadn't thought of. "Caryn what if this is their way of preventing a special needs child from being in that classroom?" and I immediately went all stabbity. They wouldn't do that. Would they? They COULDN'T do that.... could they?  Now I'm all kinds of upset. So. Suggestions for this situation would be ever so helpful. Okay. Go!!
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