Monday, August 15, 2011

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Shoe Therapy

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I am writing this shoe post, not because it has anything to do with family, autism, or extremely restrictive diets, but because these shoes started conversations at BlogHer. It must be said, right at the beginning, that I LOVE SHOES. LOVE them. Also, it must be said that this is not a picture of my legs. Mine are much more weeble-worthy.

These shoes are good for the soul. They made me feel all kinds of attractive and feminine, and I wore them from People's Party, to Queerosphere, to Sparklecorn.

Anyway, back to the story. These shoes started more conversations than my usual ice breaker of, "I have 7 children".  There is this whole world of shoe loving women out there, most of whom have extremely good taste in foot wear. (I am still remembering fondly that pair of giraffe printed high heeled Mary Janes, and the conversation with the woman wearing them. They don't sound cute in print, but were absolutely stunning in person)

It's good for a Momma of  7 to feel attractive from time to time. And so, just in case you're reading this, and you're not feeling particularly cute today, here is my challenge for you. Go dig out your favorite pair of shoes.. you know, the ones you wear when you want to feel cute and feminine. Spritz on some cologne, do your makeup. And who cares if the only place you're going  is to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, or to the laundry room to start the 49th load of laundry? Who cares if you're wearing ratty cut off sweats? You're wearing The Shoes... and that right there will brighten up your day in 15 minutes or less.

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