Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Waiting, wondering, and feeling a tad lost

Preparing to be away from my family for a few days while I am attending BlogHer has given me a few new experiences. This morning, as I kissed the monsters goodbye, told them to be good for Bubbe, and promised to call the very second I walked off the plane in San Diego, I swallowed tears. I have never been away from my twinnie monsterlettes, not both of them, not at the same time, and never for more than a day.

This time, though the adventure will be wonderful, the experience promises to be inspiring, and my own well being will improve by being able to eat and sleep regularly and interact with adults, I feel a little lost. I am sitting here on a sinfully soft, wickedly comfortable leather couch in the St. George Shuttle waiting lounge, using free wifi, and wondering what to do with myself.

I have to keep squashing the urge to ask people if they need to go potty, if anyone needs a drink, and avoid the tendency to look  around for missing monsters.

The adventure has begun, and I hope y'all will come along with me on twitter. I will use #mommaawayfromhome when I tweet, and look forward to hearing from all of you! Oops... the shuttle is loading, and I need to pakck up. Watch for me!

As I said to the monsters this morning.. " Love and kisses all y'all! Be good for Bubbe, and clean your rooms!"

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