Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Lift Up Your Voice!

Now more than ever, I am seeing and hearing the frustration. The desperation. The fatigue. The temptation to give up, even with the knowledge that doing so would be a travesty. To the woman at the mini conference yesterday, who told us about her children she had to take out of school, while hovering on the brink of tears and rockin' a baby bump, who said she was too tired (and rightfully so!) to advocate at this time: now is the time for your community, this tight knit group of people who care, to carry your voice for you. I tweeted this quote from that conference yesterday:

This community is alive. it is vibrant. It is vital. #specialneeds #parenting #mommaawayfromhome #BH11specialneeds

Addicts, throughout this phenomenal BlogHer weekend I have seen the power of our voices. Perhaps as singular special needs parents and bloggers we are neither loud nor powerful. But as a community, our roar of unity will not go unheard , nor will we be ignored . We will provoke change for our children,  we will join our forces, our resources, and our strengths until the only option for those looking on is to stop and take notice as we raise our battle cry for our children.
We are fierce. We are warriors. We.... are parents. Mini conference lady... your comments touched me to the core, and I have rededicated myself ~ until every special monster has what they need, without a fight... jut because they need it.
Anyone want to roar with me?

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