Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Have You Confessed Today? Riceworks #giveaway

You know when you have a really powerful craving for peanut M&Ms, and you try to squash it, but it just won't go away? And you know that it would be just evil of you to get some, because your child is deathly allergic to peanuts (not to mention chocolate) and he'll want some? Then after two weeks of craving the stupid things, you finally cave in and buy some. Sure enough, the child catches you stuffing a handful of them in your mouth, and wants to share. So, you say the first thing that pops into your head. "Ew, YUCK! I HATE this medicine!" and you make all manner of horrid faces and disgusting gagging noises to throw him off. Yeah. I've never done that. 

Well, riceworks knows that everyone.. and I do mean EVERYONE, has a snacking secret, and they want to know what it is! They cornered me at BlogHer. They made me confess!  It was traumatic. It was... ok. I'm totally lying here. IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN!!! And riceworks wants to hear YOUR confession!  They are not above bribing people for their confessions, either! You'll get a $1 off coupon after confessing~ to help you "win the battle against evil snacks".
We're doing things a little differently this week, and we're having a Tuesday giveaway! YAY! I get the pleasure of telling you all about riceworks, a fabulous company that makes rice "chips" that *gasp* are Logan safe and YOU get to win some!

 We tried the wild rice, Sea Salt, and Salsa Fresca flavors, because that's all our market carried. But holy cow, was I impressed! Now. It has to be said that I have tried a LOT of new things in the time since Logan started this ridiculously restrictive diet. And I have tasted a LOT of things that should never have been called food. Riceworks could seriously take the place of *whisper* Doritos in the Monster House. And no one would complain about it!

Guess what! 5 lucky Living with Logan readers can win a coupon for a free bag of riceworks crisps in the flavor of your choice! 

Before the fun giveaway part, y'all know I have to get the serious, responsible adult part out of the way. Here we go:
I was provided with coupons for 5 free bags of riceworks crisps. All opinions in this post are my own. Images and references to riceworks are used here with permission. I was not compensated to write this post in any way!

And NOW.... the fun giveaway part!

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