Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Multitasking Is Over Rated

I am here! I am here, in the flesh, in this totally unscheduled post. I can hardly believe it! We've had a wild couple of weeks here at the Monster House, and I'm learning that I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I thought I was. If I owe YOU an email, a phone call, have not responded to your texts, or suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth and you don't know if I am alive or dead... this will serve as my proof of life. Please  be patient with me.. I promise I have not forgotten about you.

Here are the updates:

The twinnies! They are in SCHOOL! We had our first day this past Thursday. Nightmare of epic proportions. But, I had yet ANOTHER talk with his teacher, and one with his Para ( who had put in her two weeks' notice, and should have been gone last Friday, but decided to stay because the District worked with her availability. Thank you, kind District. That was lovely of you.), and one with his Speech therapist, and today was a thousand percent better.  Happy, non-freaked out twinnies equal a happy, non-confrontational Momma. I will at some point write about the first day of pre-k.. but not quite yet. It was traumatic for all of us.

The #2.. he still LOVES to run! I got to see his cross country meet last week here, his only home meet of the season, and it brought me to tears. He was in a parade with his team, the football team, the cheerleaders..(it was Homecoming) down Main Street right afterward. It was pouring rain out, and the whole family watched and cheered and generally created a public disturbance. That's as it should be. Then again, the parade was led by the Sheriff, and there was all manner of lights, sirens, etc. We just added to the commotion. Also, we're counting it as an educational experience for the twinnies because we caught #6 blowing kisses at the cheerleaders. ("That's m'boy!" says the Daddy)

As for our Mighty M... wow! That woman puts me to shame. We are working together to get the house all spiffy in preparation for the Fall and all the fun Holidays that come with it. We're tackling all the big jobs I never have time for. It's been a little scary to see everything that's been unearthed here, but I swear, it's worth it! The walls have all been washed (!!!!!), the kitchen cabinets are all being cleaned out and wiped down, the refrigerator has been scrubbed inside and out, we're still bottling awesomeness from the garden, and total house carpet shampooing begins tomorrow while the Daddy and his big, muddy boots are out of town on business.  The cleaner the house gets, the lighter my spirits are.  I might even... wash. the. windows. Live in fear.

 #1, #3, #4, and #5 are being their amazing selves. Drama club, after school study group, yard clean up, weekend visitations for #5, play dates, sleepovers, ... it's been just CRAZY! So here is the question of the day. When the weather starts to change.. and you start to feel a warning of a little tingle in the air~ not quite fall, but Mother Nature sending out her version of a "Save the Date", do you get in the mood to get the house and yard in order before having to winterize everything?  I'm weird. I get all addicted to working outside after the winter, and the appeal of working outside stays through Summer. Fall though, means Holidays and big extended family dinners and all kinds of yumminess being created in my kitchen. I want to start all that off with a happy, clean house. How do YOU do it?

AND, lastly... breaking news. Jackson did great with his first day of IViG treatment! Today is his second day of the two day infusion. Take a minute to leave Gina, Jackson, and the rest of the Special Happens family a little message on twitter, facebook, or her blog. She's not only starting his rounds of treatment this week, but is also attending a CNA course  4 nights a week for 4 weeks to keep medicaid happy. She is a fierce Momma!! Show the love.
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