Monday, September 5, 2011

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Monday #forDeeds

Wow.. it's been a while since I've used that title! Feels a little like coming home. Yesterday, I got to meet Deeds, his Mom, his sister, his cousins, an uncle, and a couple of aunts. It was SOOO fun! I got sock monkey kisses, one very quick snuggle, and a look of total approval from Deeds when I let him and his cousins take 100 pictures with my phone. And oh, addicts. He looks SO good! See for yourself! The only picture *I* took was of him with sock monkey. All others are by Deeds and the cousins. Apologies for the watermarks, but since we've had trouble with people stealing Deeds pics in the past, it was a necessary evil. Also, he insisted on a pic of me. So, there's me.. at the end.  My favorite one is the first one. I don't know why.. but it reaches out and grabs me.
The minute I saw Bobbie, I had to have a little teary moment, and from then on, it was all smiles and laughter. We worked so closely together, fundraising for Deeds, that they feel like family to me.

Thank you, to Deeds' aunts, uncle, cousins, sister, and Mom, for letting me crash their impromptu visit "Down South". I will remember this experience always.

Sending you MUCH love, and oodles and gaboodles of hugs and kisses from the monsters. And Uncle Chad, I'm totally going to harrass beg make you brownies and ask nicely for your help with #2's biology. Y'all come on over any ole time!

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