Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

It's been snowing since last night. And I would post a picture of it for you, but you would think I had just put a border up and nothing inside it. It is THAT white outside. Now, I know you've heard of falling snow. And snow men. And snow balls. And snow forts. What we have here is horizontal snow. The wind is mean and feisty and the snow is literally "falling" horizontally. This is no fun.  I must create fun, because otherwise life would just be miserable. Thus:
Top Ten Reasons I Can Appreciate Love Snow

The cold weather makes me want to bake. The fam has assured me that this will not be a problem

It's December 1! Happy Holiday season, all y'all!

Premium snuggling weather. There will be stories and hot chocolate and quilts hot from the dryer and something brilliant that just came out of the oven when the monsters get home from school

We can once again recreate Calvin and Hobbes snow scenes in the front yard, much to the dismay delight of the neighbors.

Christmas lights buried in snow is very Willy Wonka.

Let the icicle measuring begin! Every year we have a monster icicle from one of the roof corners in the front of the house. And every year that sucker gets bigger and bigger and we are confident that it will touch the ground before it breaks. And every year, with less than 6 inches to go, it breaks. This could be the year we have a floor to ceiling icicle! Weird things like this are very cool to me.

This is the first year the twinnie monsterlettes will be able to be out in the snow.( Remember that hideous three years of being home bound? I do. Totally sucked.) You may want to unlike my personal page on facebook now. I will be flooding my profile with pictures of half frozen three years olds wearing huge grins, frostbitten fingers, and snow angels

Sirius Radio! Christmas music 24/7 while it's snowing somehow makes it easier to tolerate.

FINALLY #3 will be able to use those skis he bought this past summer. Thank heavens for that! Cross country skiing doesn't work real well on grass, we've discovered.

Everything looks pristine. I won't have to look at the used car lot  car cemetary  redneck recycling center back of our driveway again until next spring, God willing!

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