Monday, January 23, 2012

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Tales of A First Grade Mafia

For those of you who have been following the incident with #5, here's a follow up. I spoke with law enforcement again today, and told them what we were able to discover from #5 over the weekend. Really, that's what we were waiting on~ before anyone could do anything, we needed to know if this was an ongoing issue, what preceded the incident, where everything took place prior to the incident, what the attacker was wearing, etc.

Now remember, people. We're talking 6 year olds here. None of this is mature on the part of any of the children involved, which is frankly part of the job description for being 6 years old in the first place. There was an incident in school last week where child X told the teacher that #5 was making messes. Child X got great pleasure in doing this because #5 HATES messes. Hates them. I knew he had sensory issues that way long before I even knew what sensory issues were. He doesn't like to be sticky, or dirty, or covered in paint. He likes his toys put in a certain order. Messes for him consist of tossing a basket of clean socks all over the place.

But I digress. Child X figured out that #5 would pitch a fit every time he told Mrs. Whozit that #5 was making messes in the classroom. Following accusation time, there was this nice long game of "Liar!" "I'm not the liar, YOU'RE the liar!" "Nuh UH! YOU'RE the liar!" But then, Child X got offended. Because even though both of them were saying the same thing, #5 called him a liar, and it's not nice to call people names! So, he met up with the Mafia Brothers from Mrs.Whatzit's first grade class during recess.

The Mafia Brothers were not pleased. So, after school Child X exchanged profane pleasantries with #5, #5 flipped him off, and next thing ya know... Mafia Brothers waiting for him on the corner, where both of them body slammed #5. I'm a little surprised they didn't offer a pair of cement shoes. Now. I'm writing this lightly, because I just can't get over the whole mafia-ish aspect of the whole thing.

Take Note: We do NOT agree with the choice #5 made to call Child X a liar. Nor are we pleased that #5 flipped him off, a talent which he has never practiced at home. Profane pleasantries? I may get a case of the vapors. MY child? Really? *head desk*  And we have discussed with him at length how inappropriate his actions were. However. None of that gives another child a reason to thump on my kid.

When I spoke to the resource officer this morning, and related this oh so mature, and not at all embarassing story, I reiterated the fact that I'm not trying to give 6 year olds a record with law enforcement. And I don't want to threaten the Mafia Brothers' parents, or Child X's parents. Okay... I'm quite stabbity about the fact that my baby was dripping blood and no one cared. But lack of maturity in a 6 year old I can get over.

What I can NOT get over is the fact that I have still heard not a peep from Principal Whatshisname even though the resource officer encouraged him to call me....last Friday. His response? "Oh! I didn't know she still wanted to meet with me!" So in that regard, we're still at square one. I'm assured that Child X and the Mafia Brothers will have a nice little chat with the administration, and the resource officer about appropriate behavior and keeping your hands to yourself and the complete recitation of "Violence is never the answer".

I will be getting a follow up call from the resource officer when it's all over, to see if I have anything else that needs addressed. Notice the absence of the person playing the part of the school administrator. Bueller? Bueller?  OH.. and did I fail to mention the fact that other parents, as well as an educator or two have personally told me that they are aware that bullying/violence has been rising in our school since before Christmas, and do I know by any chance if #5's attacker has blond hair?

There is a lot to answer to, Principal Whatshisname. I'm a reasonable woman. But I get a bit crankified when I am purposely avoided. Especially when your boss and the resource officer have told you that you need to call me. Multiple times. I'm over the excuses. What else ya got?
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