Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Dusting Off GrandPappy

Logan's GrandPappy & Grandma
(My Mom and Dad)
Early on in my blogging "career", my father decided to blog, too. Only his blog would be political. Well, I once mentioned to him that I would love to have him write for me from the perspective of a grandparent of a special needs child. So he did.. and he did it on his blog. I'd love for y'all to see it. It still brings me to tears, even though it's a dusty old post, written in December of 2010. Hop on over, y'all, and show my Pappy some of that bloggy love in the comment section that y'all are so generous with! This is one dusty old post that should be kept shiny. Like the top of Pappy's head. Enjoy! Just click on the title below to get straight to it.

I Am Logan's Grandpappy

Dear scary censorship type people: Yes, I did steal this from
my Pappy's facebook. But I don't think that's really stealing,
because *I* took the picture in the first place! So there.

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