Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Thank You, Jim Brickman!

How do I love thee, Jim Brickman? Let me count the ways. Wait! Stop! Don't run away screaming, Jim Brickman! I am not a stalker. Call off the body guards! I'm just a very tired Momma, with a special needs monsterlette who is trying very hard to have yet another non-sleep cycle. And your music made the twinnies relax enough to sleep. Honest! I'm listening to their poor little stuffed up snoring right this minute!

Therefore, it is written (somewhere, I'm sure, it IS written) that I must adore you for your soothing musical talent, shout about our success with your beautiful rendition of  Mulan's "Reflection" from the rooftops, and blog.. that other very tired special needs Mommas might try the same thing that worked for us. See? So not scary. If *I* were Jim Brickman, I'd be all kinds of flattered.

There are a few things in the Monster House that are sacred. One of them is our Dish subscription, which is almost more important to me than the utility bill, because of the Sirius radio. I know I've mentioned this to y'all previously. I truly think I use it for radio more than I do for Joan Knows Best, and Hoarders. The monsterlettes are very VERY inspired by music. We use it to play, to learn, to clean up, to calm down, to dance.. we use it for any possible reason we can think of.  The Daddy used to think I was making it all up. And then I had to teach him a lesson and make him sit on the couch for hours while we used music for various activities. He doesn't think I'm making it up any more.

Is it any wonder that #6 stood up in his theatre seat during Happy Feet 2, while "We Are The Champions" was being performed by sailors and wildlife, and shrieked "Wock On!"??  Music is serious business at the Monster House. I am doing my darndest to make sure all the monsters have exposure to all kinds of music! Yes, even Elvis and bluegrass and jazz and classical, and 80s big hair bands, all of which can be heard regularly here. Lady Gaga? Over my dead body, even though #3 has a raging crush on all that weirdness...

So, thank you, Jim Brickman. Thank you for performing and composing music that I will never have an issue with my children hearing. Thank you for being a soothing influence late, LATE at night when I am at my most frazzled with two hysterical three year olds. But very most importantly, thank you for having your albums on the Sirius radio. "Sirius-ly", Jim Brickman.. you are today's hero. The twinnies might even be getting enough sleep now that they can go to preschool in the morning. Yay us!
Jim Brickman album cover image via Google images

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