Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Sacred Family Saturday And Other Silliness

Saturday is sacred. Yes indeed. Saturday is the day that I torture the monsters by making them clean their rooms, nag  them into participating in family activities, and generally make an idiot of myself by letting my #4 do my makeup and/or hair, run around the house with the twinnie monsterlettes, and occasionally take my entourage of monsters on trips to town.

Even now, as I type I am listening to hysterical twinnie laughter as they run around the house, alternately chasing and being chased by #2. And #6 just screeched to a halt next to me, holding an upside down rubber toilet plunger (as yet unused) full of cheerios, to ask me if I wanted a snack. There are SO many things wrong with this, I can't begin to list them. And I'm laughing so hard, I'm near falling off my chair.

There is a point. Stick with me, here. I always get to it eventually. During this past week, I have gotten so many emails, texts, direct messages on twitter, private messages on facebook, about parents taking care of themselves. Sometimes it involved being a parent of a special needs child. Sometimes it didn't. But the theme is always the same. Parents are stressed out people. What a shocker, right? I know this is breaking news. They are sent by parents, by our school, by companies having online conferences. They are sent by friends and friends of friends.  Because, well... parents are stressed out people!

Once, when sharing an experience regarding one of my monsters with my father (you know the kind I mean... one of the times where you look at your child, and you grab handfuls of your own hair, look heavenward and ask "WHY?!") he asked me, "So. When you signed up to be a parent, is this what you imagined it would be like?" Uh. No.

For me personally, this has been a week from the new depths of Hell. It has totally and completely, without a shadow of a doubt, sucked. And I've cried buckets of tears for the better part of it. But then silly things happen, like being offered cheerios in a toilet plunger. Or #6 in his big sister's fedora eating 2 lollies at a time, taking off at a dead run when I see him, because those lollies are not on the Logan safe list (DARN all those Valentine's Day parties the older kids had in school!!).

Parents (me included) need to take care of themselves. It's a fact. But it's a lot easier said than done. While watching an interview with Joan Rivers the other night (TOTALLY addicted to Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best ~Tuesdays at 9/8c.. little free advertising for WE tv there. You're welcome.), she said something that really struck me. She said something to the effect that she takes the really horrible things in life.. the really awful things that make everyone cringe and cry, and makes jokes out of them, because it's better to laugh. I don't necessarily agree with all her jokes about horrible things, but I can see her point. You have a choice in life. You can choose to get drug under the bus and let it run over you, or you can hang on and be thankful for the ride.

Take care of yourselves, all you parents out there. Take the opportunity to laugh instead of cry. Take a nap instead of making yourself do dishes or laundry when you're so worn out the thought nearly makes you fall over. I promise it will all still be there waiting for you when you wake up. Talk to a friend and let yourself vent, instead of keeping all your upset inside. Exercise (I know. Exercise. Don't even get me started). Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself sane, and happy, and feeling worthwhile. Let a neighbor, a friend, a family member come and tend the kids.. even if you're home when they do. Never pass up a nap opportunity.

Parents are warriors. But even warriors need a shower and a hair cut once in a while. Sending y'all much love.

Joan and Melissa image from , other images found via the google, when searching "rubber toilet plunger" and "cheerios" images. Seriously! Look for yourself!

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