Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Messy, Sticky Globs Of Life

There comes a point where living under a rock and wallowing around in that fuzziness commonly known as depression is no longer productive. A point when the huge stack of Things That Are Not Going Well In Life topples over and threatens to bury you under. A point at which choosing between laughing or crying was "so last week". And also, the point when instead of avoiding writing because you're afraid you'll spill messy, sticky globs of Things That Are Not Going Well In Life all over the internet is no longer embarrassing but therapeutic. Here's the disclaimer. Messy, sticky globs of Things That Are Not Going Well In Life are about to be spilled all over the internet. Don your protective gear post haste. I'm about ready for my blanky and sippy cup now. I might start sucking my thumb at any moment.

  • Monster #1 is about to undergo dental surgery next week. All four wisdom teeth removed, and a filling. In the same appointment. Because it seemed like a good idea to the Daddy at the time.
  • Idiot ex #1 (yes. I have more than one ex. And yes, I have to number them, because most of the idiocy associated with ex husbands comes from the first. Not the second.) is about to descend upon the monster house. It's the one and only thing my precious #1 wanted for her 18th birthday. And, seeing as how this child has never once given me cause to worry, call law enforcement, or engaged in screaming warfare with her mother, I couldn't think of a single good reason to deny her that wish. Other than the fact that thinking about idiot ex #1 makes me nauseous and shaky and all kinds of "oh, this is a bad bad BAD idea" for multiple and very good reasons. Back to the point. He will descend upon the monster house a couple days post dental surgery. And he thinks he's calling all the shots. Growl.
  • After all that fun and happiness, #1 needs braces. In a big way. There is some question about insurance covering it. If not, serious financial issues will commence, because this is no longer a vanity issue, but an ability to eat and speak issue for #1. Braces will happen. Period.
  • The Daddy is having a health hiccup. And we don't really know what's going on yet, until tests are done at the beginning of April. But it could be bad... very very bad. We really hope it's not.
  • On Monday, my car died. I don't mean it needs a new serpentine belt. I mean, it blew the head gasket, cracked the block, and burnt out the motor. And it died on the way home from taking #4 to get a booster shot. Of course. Because I was just dying to pay for a tow. 
  • We now have to decide whether a "new" car or moving to town is more important. There are x amount of available dollars. The available dollars won't cover both. And I'm sick at heart, knowing how much my children need the resources available at other schools in town and having to choose between a better educational experience for them and a vehicle. It's not fair!
  • The Daddy has been out of town this week ( there's a shocker). And so, all this fun with the toasted car has been buzzing through our Sprint cell tower. Multiple times. I was hung up on, on more than one occasion. Our mechanic has named me the Van Killer. That isn't helping. The good news, supposedly, is that the Daddy is no longer having homicidal thoughts toward me. The bad news is that he'll be home tonight, and we'll TALK. I think I'll get a note from my mother excusing me from that.
  • The meltdowns with the twinnies have come back. In a big, BIG way. This morning? It took two of us and 45 minutes to dress a kicking, screaming #6. Also? #6 bites. Hard.
I am screaming for Galahad in my brain. I don't want to be a responsible adult anymore. I want our family to be rescued, somehow. No, I don't think that someone should purchase a car or house for us. I just want to be able to breathe without possibility of a panic attack at any given moment.

It has been 16 days since I last posted. And all that mess up there in the bullet points? Has happened in the last 16 days. So, I'll ask your forgiveness and understanding for being absent. I needed a little minute. A little minute that lasted 16 days.

I have missed all of you, and your comments. And I have avoided blogging like the plague, because I hate, hate, HATE "poor me" posts. But I figure it's better to spill messy sticky globs of Things That Are Not Going Well In Life all over the internet than have a complete nervous breakdown. Right? Right.

So. Don't give me sympathy, because honestly, we're all fine. Finances aren't, but we are. I'm not trying to tug at heart strings here. I just needed... some blogging therapy. So. That's the Monster House Update. How're YOU??

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