Thursday, May 10, 2012

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The Laundry Argument

The Daddy and I have an ongoing .... difference of opinion... if you will, about laundry. Nine people create an enormous amount of laundry to be washed and dried. Therefore, we also go through extraordinary amounts of laundry detergent. This drives the Daddy bonkers. He is firmly convinced that the person doing the laundry (me) uses six and a half scoops of detergent for each load.

So, he hatched a plan: we would switch to detergent pods,  use less, and save gazillions of dollars. He is ever so proud of his ingenuity. And we would become rich, and famous, and people all over the world would adore him because of his brilliance. Okay, that's a lie. We would save gazillions millions quite a lot some dollars each month. I admit, it was a .. decent.. plan. However, there is one fact that he neglected to remember. We have super capacity machines. A large load for a family of four is a partial load for us. And that one puny little pod isn't cutting it with a washer full of 15 pair of muddy jeans. Or 11 scary towels from the kids' bathroom that have been sitting on the floor all week. Or bedding full of vomit. I'm just sayin'....

Back to the story. So now, I have somewhat clean laundry coming out of my machines, rather than the very clean laundry I prefer. This prompts extra rinse cycles in a vain attempt to get somewhat clean laundry to the passably clean stage. Here is where your input comes in, because I lack tact. I'm more of a "See how stupid this idea was?! Now we're spending money on more water per month, rather than detergent!" person rather than a "Darling, I appreciate your thought processes, and your goal to save money" kind of person. I'm pretty much in the mood to tell him to take over laundry duty, except everything we wear would soon become either pink or grey in very short order.

So. Today I need lessons on how to tell the Daddy it was a stupid idea, and to please please PLEASE stop with the stupid pods! And - clean, but also yummy smelling laundry makes a happy Momma, so get over it already and let me have the Unstoppables again!

Okay. I feel better now. At least until I do another load of laundry...

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