Saturday, June 30, 2012

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The Morning After

Good morning, my lovelies! I have NEWS. I have GREAT news.  I have the BEST news ever! After being up with one monster or another all night last night, and finally getting to sleep at 5am, I woke up at 930 to find this text from Jackson's mother waiting for me:
"We Didn't sleep last night. He can't even take a sip of water without dry heaving. Problem (besides that) is that when he sits up the pressure in his brain changes and and the drainage of the spinal fluid changes and puts pressure on his brain. Poor kid! He hasn't needed Dilantin yet but using regular pain meds. Dilantin could make him nauseated so we're hoping to not have to do it. He has zofran and Benadryl on board for nausea. He has moved both legs and hands / arms, and has spoken so we think everything migrated to the right hemisphere which is all we could have hoped for!!!! He's asked for presents. Asked of he did a good job. Asked to watch toy story... His face is swollen, head swollen, and he's sleepy So, generally good."
Now remember, he's only 12 hours post op at the time of this text. And people?  HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

It would appear we have been given our marching orders, straight from Jackson himself.  The boy wants presents! I have to admit that I had a little giggle fit with that part.

Keep those drawings, cards, letters, care packages, and pictures coming! Our guy is kicking butt and taking names!

If you need the address for sending something to Jackson or the family, or for other ways to help while Jackson is in the hospital for the next 4-6 weeks, please click HERE

And, as I write, I just got a pic message from Jackson's Momma. He's....sleeping! For the first time in four days. *MORE Happy Dance* and, just like that, my heart melts.

Have a good day, everyone. I'm going to go and snuggle some monsters, and color with them.

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