Sunday, June 17, 2012

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What NOT To Do For Happy Pappy Day

Acceptable gift for Happy
Pappy Day
Today is Happy Pappy Day, that time of year when dear 'ol dad gets the crazy ugly ties, the socks, the coffee mugs. The macaroni art, the fingerpaintings, the sloppy kisses, extended nap time in the La-Z-Boy, and unlimited use of the remote control. The rest of the family gets ear plugs.

If the Momma is feeling particularly nice, there might be a sirloin roast for dinner, followed by Key Lime pie for dessert (ew).

Make a note:Not okay
 for Happy Pappy Day.
However you celebrate Happy Pappy Day in your family, remember to be nice to the Daddy.  Tell him you love him. Show him your appreciation. Just for today, do not hop on pop. It's not polite. Tomorrow you can resume your previously scheduled pop hopping.

At this time, teenagers should refrain from asking for funding, demanding keys to a vehicle, taking all the hot water in the shower, talking on the phone for hours, and drama queen activities. Also, it might be a good idea for daughters in the fam to postpone the meeting of the new boyfriend who has the long hair and the Harley until after Happy Pappy Day. It's never good when the Daddy feels the urge to get out the 12 gauge, and is consequently arrested for intent to cause bodily harm.

The Momma should attempt to hide her irritation with the fact that she just washed dishes and there are now 37 different dirty bowls, plates, and cups because the Daddy needed snacks for The Race. There should be no long-suffering, high decibel sighing happening when she does the laundry and has to deal with skid marks. Yet again.

Do the laundry with a smile. Or at least, a
pleasant grimace.
When the Daddy hollers for a drink, snack, remote, or new roll of toilet paper, the fam should NOT holler back "What? Your legs are broken? You can't get it yourself?" And, following the Daddy's extended stay in the bathroom, the fam should NOT scream, "I'm melting, melting!"

Disclaimer: These are not the suggestions of an educated professional. These suggestions should not be used in lieu of proper medical attention. These suggestions have not been approved by the FDA. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine. Do not discontinue taking medication without medical supervision.

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