Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Watching Miracles

Yesterday, I spent most of my time on facebook watching miracles happen. I am so overcome with emotion because of this, I simply had to share. No matter how many times I will be allowed to see something like this, the wonder and the awe will never, ever go away. Ever.

Here's how it went down. Yesterday morning. I went to a particular fb group of ASD parents I belong to, to beg for help on behalf of the St. Aubin family, for a mail flurry. Don't know what I'm talking about? Haven't got the foggiest? I can help you out with that. Click here for the skinny. (No, I do not need to know how the previous sentence shows my age. Let's move on.) Okay. Is everyone up to date now? Good. This is the fun part!

Suddenly, all over the facebook was this status update, that people copied and pasted on their personal pages, their blog pages, just... everywhere! It showed up on well known blogger pages. It showed up on pages of people I have never met, but who wanted to help. It generated a LOT of interest. And seriously? The weather report for the Post Office in Littleton, Colorado is now "100% chance of flurries" until further notice. Dress accordingly, postal workers! Also... put in for some overtime. Because love for the St.Aubin family is going to begin to manifest itself through the US Mail. Eat yer Wheaties. Get some rest this weekend. I'm just sayin'.

While I was all giddy and entertained watching this happen, other things started to happen, too! Bloggers started posting for the St.Aubin family. Check out this awesome post over at Seven Yuckmouths and Autism! And it doesn't stop there!

An artist (who was a childhood friend of mine) saw my post on my personal fb wall. Sorry, Jackson's Momma.. you were excluded from seeing that post, on purpose. Some things in life should be surprises!! Because she has epilepsy herself, Jackson's story touched her deeply. She is creating a triple canvas masterpiece custom made for Jackson, with a train and a rainbow. She is enormously talented, and I can only imagine the love and good wishes that will be put into such a gift with each stroke of the brush. The image above is the rough sketch. This is a rough sketch?!?! I'm intimidated by people who can successfully draw stick figures, and this is way more better than a stick figure. Can't WAIT to see the finished product on canvas!

Y'all have really come through.. again.. but I expected nothing less from all the amazing people we call family within our special needs community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for coming together to show the St. Aubin family how very much we all care about them. I know for a fact that they are touched beyond measure. But don't stop now!!! We're just getting started!

If YOU would like to help with the mail flurry by sending a card, picture, care package, or letter, or have other ideas for ways to help, please email me at, connect with me on facebook, or tweet me! I'll be happy to connect with you.
Miracles quote by Google images, via
Train image via Amber Tilley

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