Friday, January 4, 2013

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Jumpstart Your Fitness Resolution Flash Giveaway!!

The most common New Year's resolution seems to be the one that starts out, "This year, this is the year I will get back into shape. I will lose the baby weight. I will start eating right. I will stick to my fitness goal."  And, inevitably, it seems that this is also the resolution that is the hardest for us to see through.

Oh, we start out with good intentions, perhaps by purchasing more produce and cutting down on the convenience foods. Or by making it more than a week with that yoga DVD that we tried once last summer, and started having results with before life, once again, got in the way.

This is where I get to tell you all about the 30 Day Jumpstart Program by Step It Up with Steph. Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, is a highly sought after personal trainer and coach for high powered females in Chicago, and combines yoga, pilates, personal training, and body image and confidence coaching for her clients. She was named a top 20 trainer by Nike in Chicago, and has been featured on CNN, AOL, Yahoo!, WGN TV, Crain's Business, and TV stations across the country. This is all because of her unique, holistic approach to being healthy and fit anywhere, any time, with her no diet/no guilt program.

Wait, what? No diet? No guilt? How is that possible? Well, Stephanie maintains that the mindset you have is imperative to losing weight. Here's a quote from her site that I just fell in love with:

It’s not about a strict diet; it’s about freedom.

It’s not about a burdensome workoutit’s about exciting “me” time.

It’s not about looking good for a reunion; it’s about feeling good for a lifetime.

There's no reason to dread your workout anymore. Here's what Steph offers her clients in her 30 Day Jumpstart Program:

  • Exact exercises, times, and video tutorials on how to work out ~ no more 60 minutes of cardio - YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!
  • Food tips that work. Steph is careful to note that she is not a nutritionist; these tips are basic food tips.
  • The exact system Steph uses with her private clients to get them into the proper mentality
  • Videos to guide you through your daily (quick) yoga routine, Pilates routine, and workout routines
  • 30 day workbook plus 30 daily videos to understand why it's been difficult to commit yourself, how you can change this, and how you can strengthen your relationship with yourself
  • Step by step instructions and video to show you how to create your own mantra and positive affirmations. "I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months" is not what your brain needs to hear. In fact, talking like this will sabotage your efforts.
  • MP3 recordings of positive affirmations to create your own pump-up play list to use during your workouts
  • Weekly phone calls (4) with the group to ask questions and stay on track, and the recordings if you miss the call
  • Private facebook page to talk with me and other members of the group as you go through your workouts, the work book, and program
  • A daily schedule to follow as a guide and have structure in your day
  • The exact amount of water you should be drinking. If you don't do this, you will not be able to lose fat quickly!
Buy It:
Purchase the program for $197 before January 8 and join the newest group!

Win It:
Enter within the rafflecopter form below. There is only ONE, super easy mandatory entry. The rest just earn more entries for you! The more you share, the better your chances of winning! This is a flash giveaway which ends at 1159pm MST, January 6, 2013.This giveaway is valid in the US only.

Comments posted below the blog post will not qualify as entries.  Entrants must be 18 yrs or older to participate. I was not compensated in any way, neither monetarily or through free product, for this post. Views and opinions stated in this post are mine alone. Quotes and image belong to Step It Up with Steph, and are used here with permission.

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