Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day with Caden's Autism Heroes

As part of World Autism Awareness Day, Caden's Autism Heroes on facebook is inviting everyone who is interested to celebrate by posting a picture (or several photos, if you wish) of a loved one with an ASD, or yourself, if you have an ASD . To participate with this event, please visit the page and either post a pic directly or message Caden's Autism Heroes with your picture or story and they will post it for you. Please make sure that if you are posting pictures of a family member or friend that is not yourself or your child, get their permission first! This event is entirely online and will be seen by followers of the page. You are also invited to share autism stories of pre-diagnosis, diagnosis processes, successes, challenges, etc. All that is asked in return is that you share the page and show the world what autism really looks like! This is a great way to share stories and  information in a neutral space, and get support. Go to it, y'all!

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