Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Watch Out for Falling Rumors

Today I found out just how bored people get. And I found out what happens when people get bored and mix it with a little too much curious, and add a dash or twelve of speculation and gossip. It would seem that there are people with nothing better to do than spread vicious rumors about the Monster House. Rumors which, if they were true, would destroy a family -any family- in nothing flat. What a sick and disgusting thing to do. But hey.. that's entertainment, right?

I could be angry, and some part of me is. Very very angry. But more than that, I'm hurt and I'm sad. I'm sad that there was nothing better to do than gossip about my family and cause pain. It must have been a slow TV night. 

So, without giving credibility to the gossip mongers, let me say this. We are all still here. We are all healthy, functioning people. If ever that changes, well, that would be my business and no one else's. And if I ever feel the urge to spread my business from here to kingdom come, rest assured I will rent the first billboard to be seen in these parts, and inform everyone all at once. 

Consider this your warning, gossipers. I'm cranky, I'm stressed, I'm cynical, and I'm loaded for bear. Do not approach my children and pump them for information. Because what you've heard? Are rumors. Which means they know nothing about what you're talking about because.... it's NOT TRUE. And also? If you approach my monsters? It would not be in your best interest. 

So glad we had this little discussion. I'm sure we understand each other very well now. That. Is. All.

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