Monday, July 15, 2013

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Calmer by Nature #Review

Y'all, I just have to tell you about the most amazing DVDs we are using at the Monster House for soothing, bed times, and quiet times in the afternoon. I was recently contacted by the awesome people across the pond who make the Calmer by Nature and Calmer by the Water DVDs. These DVDs are phenomenal for my twinnies when they are having a rough time self soothing, or are in the midst of sensory overload.

Packed with video uninterrupted by people, voices, vehicles, freeway sounds, or anythnig else not found in the wild, Calmer by Nature 2 is a super huge hit with the monsterlettes. They never fail to giggle like crazy people during the scene where baby birds start raising a ruckus before the mother bird with the food is even in view. They are always amazed that those "siwwy baby buhds" seem to have radar for their Momma.

Check out this Youtube clip, which incidentally is the one that convinced me to try these DVDs in the first place, after the twinnies were riveted, and watched literally a dozen times in a row.

Calmer by the Water is just as excellent, with video of water, water dwelling wildlife, and sail boats. And people? Watching these in the car? Totally makes the fighting, bickering, and tattling stop. Although I have to admit that I've never been brave enough to use the water one while traveling. I have horrible mental images of having to find every single functional toilet along the way. Call me crazy, but.... stranger things have happened.

I would definitely recommend these DVDs to any family, therapist, or teacher for use as a calming method, whether they have sensory kiddos or not.  Much better than any white noise machine ever invented, because  of the amazing videography that accompanies the relaxing sounds of nature. Much better than most nature DVDs out there that have voice overs or classical music. This collection gets it right in all the ways we love here at the Monster House.

Want to know some of the back story to these DVDs? Check this out from the press release of Calmer by Nature 2:

After a period of severe stress in his own life, CEO Barry Wheelock began to film rare moments in nature; wild deer in the forest, birds feeding their young, close encounters with badgers and foxes in the moonlight, or even just wildflowers nodding in the breeze. Not only did Barry find comfort in the British countryside, but it kindled a passion for wildlife that has enabled him to help others suffering from stress, sensory problems and particularly autism spectrum disorders.

"One of the things I wanted to do was to share this with other people. It's a joy to me to know it's helping people," says Barry

And, as if you needed any more incentive to check into Calmer by Nature and Calmer by the Water, here's what professionals have to say about this series of DVDs:
"I highly recommend Calmer by Nature for all ages, whether you're dealing with autism in your family or just want some stress relief," says Debi Taylor, Autism Research Specialist, author and speaker (USA). "We still love the DVD and CD and use it frequently".
"Many people I know have found these DVDs extremely useful as a calming and coping strategy. I have taken these DVDs on some of the talks that I give on autism all over the country" says Steve McGuinness, trustee of the National Autistic Society (UK)
"Calmer by Nature offers a freat therapeutic resource, a tool... to help clients with a range of different presentations - from use as a self soothe strategy, to enabling assessment of children in care, to facilitating reminiscence. Something that can be used in so many different ways, especially when access to the great 'green gym' of the healing outdoors is restricted." says Kath Smith, award winning occupational therapist and Director of MBB Connections (Truro, UK)
Learn more and order DVDs of your own by visiting Calmer by Nature. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of nature's soothing attributes. And, because of this, these DVDs have earned the much sought after Monster House rating of 18 thumbs up! That's a lot of thumbs, y'all.  Well done!

**DISCLAIMER** I received a free copy of Calmer by Nature 2 and Calmer by the Water for purposes of this review. The views and opinions in this review are my own, except where notated as quotes by others, and are not compensated. Quotes are property of Calmer by Nature and used here with permission.

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