Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Death, disaster and disease


Today is a sad, sad day at the Monster House. The Momma is sick. After passing out on the couch last night, somehow, at some point, two monsters and a twinnie monsterlette managed to join me, and we all played a rousing game of  "Who can manage to stay on the couch the longest". The twinnie monsterlette and notorious #5 won. I fell on the floor a couple hours ago.

I am dragging my partially Rigor mortised corpse around getting kids off to school and cursing the Daddy, who was the evil culprit this time. He brought home the most hideous fever/cold/flu thing home with him last Friday after a business trip. He's been petted and coddled and brought back to life after moaning, groaning, whining and crying like the end was near for four solid days.

So, currently, I have monster #4 home for the third school day, a twinnie monsterlette with perpetual icky green nose, a #1 monster that SHOULD be home but can't afford to miss her classes in high school... and one super not happy, feverish Momma.

Therefore, but I must beg off. May your day be filled with happiness, perpetual brownies and ben and jerry ice cream. And, if all the stars are in alignment, I'll get to go back to bed when notorious #5 is in kindergarten. Crossing my eyes, fingers, toes, and legs.

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Gina @ Special Happens said...

Now that did not sound like a fun couch game! Unless you have a couch the size of the entirety of your living room...I'm guessing someone was going to have to fall off.

We had the flu in the house last week. Got #2 better and now #1 has strep pretty badly. Daddy has joined in the fun. #3 and I are the only hold outs...but I'm sucking on a cough drop just in case. Sorry for the fever!

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