Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Awards for our Special Contributors.

As we all know, this last week has been a rough one for the Monster House. So, we had a meeting. During this meeting we talked about how pleased the Momma has been with everyone doing more than their share and picking up the slack left by those of us who contracted the Black Death. Humor me a moment while I glare at the Daddy. *daggers shoot from Momma eyes toward the oblivious, now sleeping Daddy*

Right. Picking up the slack. *ahem* So. Then we talked about all the people who helped  Living with Logan, people whom we have never met , never spoken to, never really had any contact with, other than online.  We decided that this merits more than just status as  "guest blogger". And so we introduce, the Special Contributor award, which was created with all of our good Samaritans in mind. 

We know it's big, and we know it takes a lot of space. But we never want you to forget how much it meant to the Monster House, when you all picked up the slack for ME. This blog has been a quest .. to provide resources and support, things I didn't know where to find when I started Logan's journey with him. You all made sure the blog kept running when I could not. Check your email inbox, html code will be there shortly. With deepest respect and gratitude, frazzledmomma



Sarah said...

I am so honored. (((hugs))) And I am thrilled to be a part of the wonderful things you are doing here. You probably don't realize this, but since I only learned very recently that I have SPD, writing for your blog has not only helped me with understanding, it has also been a sort of "coming out" for me. I thank you for that.

I posted about this on my blog here: Change of Pace

Thanks again! ☺

Caryn said...

Sarah, The pleasure is all mine. Please..... come back and write any time! I really mean that. You're a valuable asset to LwL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Caryn... You rock and I for one, am glad to help!

Dena Page said...

I'm going to print it out and make it into a pin and wear it on all my outfits :-) Thanks! Glad Black Death has left the building and you're back!
BTW... LOVE the new look!!

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