Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Enter for the chance to win a gf prize pack from Bisquick and PolkaDotMommy!

One of my mommy blogger friends ( you've seen here here, too!), PolkaDotMommy, is having a fabulous gf giveaway over on her blog! Stop on by and enter for a chance to win a gf Bisquick prize pack by clicking here! 

I'm so pleased that there are so many more options for gf eating now than there were even 6 months ago, when the Monster House was just starting out the whole adventure! I have a couple boxes of gf Bisquick in my baking cupboard as I type, just waiting to be experimented with!

Good luck to you all, and if one of *my* readers wins, I want to hear all about it! ~frazzledmomma

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