Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Berry Bombs and Big Daddy

Today you shall be spared the feverish thoughts of the Momma. You will not have to look at questions and decide whether or not to comment. This is because..... I'm visiting over at Big Daddy Autism today! To be honest, I forgot all about the guest post I wrote for him a couple of days after he visited. But hey... how cool is it that it's posting today, just in time to save you from another scary question of the day!

What? Are you still here reading? Scoot your mouse on over to the link up there ^ ^ ^. Click. OK. Really. You shouldn't still be here. Will it help to know that it's a funny notorious #5 story? Go! Be gone! Be neighborly and stuff. Clickety click click.

Feel free to tell me how wonderful and humorous and amazing I am in Big Daddy's comment section.  ;)


Jean said...

Your post over on Big Daddy is fanfeckintastic (that's Irish for brilliant). I am a new convert XXX

Caryn said...

Oooh! Fresh meat! I mean, er.... I'm so glad you joined us! Sometimes we're brilliant (that's American for fanfeckintastic), but most of the time, we're just us. ;) Thanks for converting. Should we do some sort of ritual now???

mommetime said...

Stopping by to read your latest post and to hopefully help you reach 7000...that is awesome!

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