Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Fruit does not belong in brownies

The other night I was searching for a recipe to fulfill my dreams of a chocolate hazelnut gfcfsfcfef brownie. Now. Let's be clear. When I envision brownies, I'm thinking of ooey gooey, fudgey deliciousness that should be sinful from the first bite to the last. 
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Oops. Sorry. Temporary ice cream addiction issue. Ahem. Right. Ooey gooey fudgy sinful deliciousness from the first bite to the last.  Like this:

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Now. I found oodles upon gaboodles of gfcfsfcfef hazelnut brownie recipes. I really, truly did! But the people that created these recipes are evil! They all had significantly disgusting ingredients like: softened, crushed up dates! And not just a little, either! Like, a cup and a half! How is that even remotely acceptable? Seriously, just because someone has to have a ridiculously strict diet doesn't mean we should force them to eat the icky stuff no one else will buy.

So, I found a brownie recipe from Babycake's online, and I think I will mess around with it this weekend and see what kind of trouble I can get into. They use "garfava" flour (ew), which I think I will replace with half hazelnut flour and half King Arthur gluten free flour mix, and the xanthan gum replaced with guar gum. I think I will also add some chopped hazelnuts. And top it with coconut milk ice cream. And fudge sauce. And more hazelnuts.  OK, shutting up now.

I have also heard rumors of Betty Crocker's GF line of mixes, but I'm betting I won't be able to purchase them for the Monster House because of xanthan gum, or corn flour, or other fun things, like soy. But I'll read the ingredients and let y'all know.


Karen said...

I'd actually like to have the recipe with dates! I love them! Do you remember where you saw it?

Caryn said...

oh,shoot! I THINK I remember where I saw it... I'll go hunting for it later tonight.

mommetime said...

Your recipe sounds yummy... I'm curious and lazy; I could click the button and search but will ask instead...what problems occur when xanthan gum is ingested? Amy @

Caryn said...

Oh... xanthan gum is a corn product.. so we don't use it because Logan is allergic to all things corn. And soy. and eggs. and dairy. and wheat. And most nuts... *sigh*

Dena said...

One day, frazzledmomma, I will present you with the ooiest, gooiest, yummiest, candiest dates and you will be turned. Dates rock! (The fruity ones, I mean. Ohh... that didn't fix it, did it?) I mean, dates are God's candy! (But not the one with the dry skins on them that look like they should've been exfoliated.)

Caryn said...

Dena: Ew. God's candy tastes like Ben and Jerry ice cream. That is all.

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