Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Stress?!?! WHAT stress?

This week has been a little nuts. Actually, it's been a little nuts since last week. Our dryer died. Got a new one, and the explanation for that can only be explained as a Christmas miracle, since it was free, it's new, and it matched my washer.  

We've had flooding. and lots and LOTS of rain. Logan is sick with the Black Death, and that alone keeps me awake nights, checking on him to make sure he is still breathing, monitoring his fevers, and giving him meds for his cough. Last night, when I went to start the shower for a "steam bath" to ease his cough and congestion, I discovered we had no hot water. No problem, I thought, the pilot has just gone out. I can take care of that.

So I did. Less than five minutes after lighting  and resetting our gas water heater, it turned itself off. I tried and tried to make it stay lit. It won't. We STILL have no hot water. The landlord won't answer his phone, and his voicemail  is full, as usual. AND, the Daddy is out of town on business until this evening.

So. Today's theme is "Show me your holiday stress!" It seems that catastrophic things only happen during major holidays ( when no one is open for business) or when the Daddy is out of town. Major vehicle issues ONLY happen right after you fill the tank with gas.

Show me YOUR worst holiday stress stories in the comment section below. I'm thinking that by sharing the worst stressful stories, it creates reassurance, because I am NOT the only one that stupid things like this happen to. Right? RIGHT??  Oh, seriously, I CANNOT be the only one..... can I?



RacersMommy said...

Welp where do I begin? I can't even post yet because I have a screaming PigPen and a frustrated Racer. Will return to this....

Big Daddy Autism said...

I'm pretty stress free. Oh, wait, I'm going to drive 5 hours to stay at my MIL's place for the weekend. Yeah. I'm a little stressed but at least I'll get some blog material out of it.

Caryn said...

Yikes, BD! But.. as you said.. blog material. The Thanksgiving blog was entertaining that way... ;)

Dani G said...

I've spent the last 3 nights at my MIL's and now that I'm outta there (for the next 4 nights until I go back), I feel stress-free!!!

KD said...

Oh good lord! I so so SOOO hear you! Holidays and stress seem to be inextricably linked! We had to replace our washer AND dryer (no freebies for me) a few weeks ago, then last week we realized that we now have an emergency bathroom remodel on our hands....that one is going to have to wait until after sorry for that family that is coming to visit that will not be able to use the shower (baths only)! Yikes! Blog material, I suppose, but I've not been finding the time for that either. Whew! Sorry for spewing all over your comments page ;) And way to go for you for keeping up on the blogging!

Ashley said...

Holidays + family + in-laws + autism + 2-year-old = AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!

Hope you had a stress-free (as much as possible) Christmas!

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