Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Bubbe's all a-twitter!

Bubbelehs, you can call me Tzipporah today. It's a beautiful Hebrew name that means "bird". And although it's not my name, it seems appropriate for my mood, since this Saturday, I'm going to be tweeting!

After all this time, the frazzledmomma has convinced me that I can stay up past my hour of schluf every now and again and talk to all of you. And this Saturday seems the perfect time to begin, since I can help support Deeds in his quest to get a service dog!

I'll confess, the thought of tweeting had me turning into a frazzledbubbe, but I think I've figured out all the buttons and symbols, though you'll forgive an old lady if I get confused, won't you?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m very excited to be part of Deed's Twitter Party on Saturday the 26th at 10 p.m. EST/8 p.m. MT!

And if you have any questions for Bubbe -- not of the "are those your real teeth" variety (nu, nu, nu!) but more along the lines of "what should I do about my child's crying/hand-flapping/gag reflex/covering his ears/hitting his baby sister" variety or "help me plan a birthday party that's entirely GF/CF/SF and still fun and tasty" variety or "I'm more frazzled than even the frazzledmomma… what should I do" variety -- please e-mail me or the frazzledmomma with them before the party begins!

Until Saturday, bubbelehs…


Big Daddy Autism said...

Will you be jumping out of a cake?

Dani G said...

Will you be sharing your matzah ball recipe?
Mah nishtana halailah hazeh?

Anonymous said...

Ok Bubbe, I have a question. We can't get Deeds to eat anything that isn't Orange. That's not saying he will eat everything that is... but his faves are mac & Cheese, Doritos, Cheetos, oranges and chicken nuggets. We have tried not giving them to him (he will hold out forever... literally over a day), and we have tried bribery, or making him sit at the table. Nothing seems to work. Any tips about getting our special needs kids to try new food, or should we just let him eat his orange goodies?

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