Sunday, February 6, 2011

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I have been thinking about the post I would write this week for Deeds since Saturday. I have been sick at heart, knowing that Donuts for Deeds did not turn out to be the helpful boost to fund raising that everyone anticipated. I keep thinking that there must be something more I can do, something I am missing, that will help Deeds.

If you are new here, or if you have not yet read Deed's story, please read this first. You can also read Deeds' service dog story, from his website, here.

I always read the latest blog posts on Deeds' blog before I write. I laugh, I smile, I get choked up. This whole family amazes me. There have been so many things that have happened since Deeds was burned. And yet.. they still smile and see the good things in life. They still get up in the morning and do what needs done. They post pictures and tell about the latest developments with Deeds' healing, the burn clinic, the fund raising, their day to day lives.

Want some perspective on life? Read this post . I dare anyone to tell me they have had a worse week. Though if you truly have had a worse week, you have my permission to sit in the corner and suck your thumb. And EVEN STILL... this family sees the good things. Did you see this picture? How darling is this?!?
 This is Deeds, pushing his sister in the stroller outside the hospital at their last burn clinic appointment.

So what do I have to do, people? Here's a quote from Deeds' mother, Bobbie. It gave me chills:

"Buying the car did use up all our “in case we can’t fund raise enough” money for the service dog training trip to Ohio.  I have faith we can still make it.  We just need to raise $385.56 a month until training to meet our goal.  So that’s my new plan, sometimes if you break the daunting things down you can look them in the eye and tackle them head on.  We Can Do It!  It is a blessing that we were able to get the car that would fit us all and the service dog… so lets focus on the positive!"

They want to raise $385.56. Per MONTH.  Personally, I don't have the heart to not let this happen. Do you? It seems to me that people are more inclined to help or donate when there is something in it for them. So, I need your input. Do I need to have a contest/giveaway? I can.... and I will... but there's this thing in me that just gets a little cranky about having to bribe someone to help a child.

In the comment section below, please tell me what you think. I will need lots and lots of comments. If the consensus is that there should be a contest/giveaway, we'll do it. If the consensus is that there should NOT be a contest/giveaway, then I want ideas for ways to raise the rest of that money. I WILL NOT STOP BLOGGING ABOUT THIS until Deeds has his dog. Period.
Pictures in this blog post belong to Jeremy and Bobbie Mauss. 
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Tam said...

It would help a lot if you changed your button so that it goes to the page that shows the new goal, the one that goes towards their Ohio expenses, instead of the one that shows the goal for paying for the dog itself.

The first time I clicked on it I thought, oh cool! They already reached their goal! That was fast! I only realized I was wrong because I heard people still talking about the need on twitter.

I know it's in big red letters on that page, but honestly I didn't look past the totals and the image that showed the goal having been reached.

suicide_blond said...

..maybe finding new "niches" of bloggers/social media types... just like life we kinda cluster..mommy bloggers/dating bloggers/sports bloggers/tech bloggers/photo bloggers etc... soo maybe a giveaway (or just an invitation) that brings a "new" group to the table would be the best way... :-)

Amy Powell said...

Just to let people know; some friends of Bobbie and Deed's family are putting together a "cooking with Deed's and friends" Cookbook to raise the money all through the country. We are accepting recipes now and hopefully going to go to print within the next month but we are in desperate need of more recipes. You can e-mail them to and we will be taking pre-orders for the book in order to get this family their dog and help pay for some of the medical bills. Please help us. We will be selling the books in Utah and Virginia (as that is where the two friends are located) but we will ship the book any where. Please please help us!

Caryn said...

THAT is awesome! Amy, let me know more about it, I'll blog it this week.

Karen V. said...

Maybe, I'm talking out of turn here, but I'm kinda with Suicide Blonde up there that we may not be reaching enough people with money to contribute to this cause. I saw just one tweet to Autism Speaks and no one is really talking about going outside our community to raise funds. So, maybe we could contact our respective newspapers and TV stations and give them "Press Release" type of info to get the word out to big audiences which will give us more chances to raise these funds. My blog simply does not get enough traffic to raise any money and a lot of people I know have their own financial difficulties.

Or maybe we can blog about other ideas to raise money next week?

Or maybe we can inundate Autism Speaks with emails and tweets about deeds like everyone did for #teamautism? They might be able to ignore a sporadic tweet but how about a mass tweetathon?

Just some thoughts..

Jessa said...

Love the tweetathon idea, if you do it let me know and I will join in.

RacersMommy said...

Hey what about pepsi refresh? I'm not sure of their guidelines but its worth a shot.

Also the hubby has been mentioning Deeds blog on his radio show. I'll make sure he keeps doing it.

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